Our organization is currently seeking Sponsorships that will benefit the development of our future leaders.


Sponsorships will help our team members to afford their uniforms, A.A.U. League fees, Gym fees for Practice Facilities as well as participate in local, regional and national tournaments.


The benefit for sponsoring our organization is that your logo / company name will be visible on our uniforms, shooter shirts, travel bags, warm ups, multiple team clothing items as well as on numerous websites across the internet.  By sponsoring the Spartans it is estimated that your logo will be viewed both locally and nationally by more then 600,000 people per year.  


We offer several different “Sponsorship Packages” and we are eager to discuss them with you.  If you are interested in sponsoring or making a donation to the Spartans Basketball Program please email us at Sponsorship@spartansbasketball.org and we will provide you with a full Sponsorship Package and Power Point Show.  All Sponsorships are tax deductible, as we are registered with Washington State as a non-profit organization.  Any financial contribution should be made payable to the Spartans.


Thank you in advance for investing in our future leaders; there is no greater investment.